For Schools and Libraries

The Tang offers a variety of programs for schools, including field trips, classroom visits, and teacher training and resources. We bring our programming to public libraries, host multigenerational art projects, and offer Family Saturday programs, adult classes and tours.
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How to Book Your Visit

Skidmore College and the Tang Teaching Museum believe in enriching the education of K-12 students through exhibitions and programs that expose them to the arts. Our programs are designed to complement traditional school-based learning and to support the Common Core.

Participation in these programs can take place in the Museum or in your classroom. We look forward to creating a meaningful learning experience to suit your students.

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Classroom Visits

We also offer a program of traveling materials – our “suitcase” program – designed to enhance the school curriculum by bringing multidisciplinary concepts from the exhibition into the classroom. Our hands-on projects provide opportunities for teaching, learning, and understanding issues raised by current and past exhibitions at the Tang. Referencing artworks and themes from these exhibitions, we have assembled interdisciplinary programs that bridge the arts and your school curricula in accordance with the Common Core for K-12 students.

Programs are free and all materials are provided.

Library Program

The Tang Teaching Museum offers traveling programs to libraries. These hands-on art projects provide opportunities for teaching, learning, and understanding issues raised by current and past exhibitions at the Tang, while offering children the opportunity to express their creativity in fun and inspiring ways.

These programs are free and and materials are provided. For more information or to schedule your visit, please call Njeri Jennings, the Laurie M. Tisch Educator for K-12 and Community Programs, at 518-580-5538 or email

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Teacher Training and Resources

The Education Department of the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery offers a variety of Teacher Training opportunities.

We offer teacher training in Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) and how it can apply to the Common Core and your curriculum. VTS is a learner-based method of talking about art, using open-ended questions to elicit student responses, and has been proven to enhance critical thinking skills. We are happy to customize the training to meet your needs.

We offer in-museum presentations to teachers including group tours and/or discussions about current and upcoming exhibitions and their relevance to classroom curricula, or we can schedule a time to come to your faculty meetings to talk about what the Tang can bring to your teachers and students.

We are often invited to give workshops at Arts in Education Teacher Development Days in and around the capital region. Check our calendar for upcoming opportunities, or call us to schedule a presentation at your school district’s in-service days.

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