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As part of its mission, the Tang Teaching Museum provides Skidmore students a wide range of opportunities to get involved with museum practices. Students can work with the museum through our internship programs, curate exhibitions, organize events, and become a member of the Student Advisory Council.
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Contact Assistant Director for Engagement Tom Yoshikami at about getting involved.
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A blonde female student wears a white shirt and looks to her left, smiling as her gloved hands move to handle a football-sized, bone-like sculpture sitting on a pedestal.


Internships at the Tang offer students the opportunity to become familiar with a range of museum careers. To get a better understanding of the specific jobs our students do, take a look at our Student Blog. Check out the information below and contact Assistant Director for Engagement Tom Yoshikami,, with any questions.

For more information visit the internships page.

Student Advisory Council

Be part of the Tang Museum’s Student Advisory Council and take on a leadership role in the museum! The Student Advisory Council serves as an important voice for the Skidmore student body in the Tang, fostering and strengthening the museum’s relationship with students. The Student Advisory Council also programs events for college and public audiences (a selection of events is below). Read about the Student Advisory Council.

Student Research

The Tang collection of more than 18,000 objects is available for Skidmore students and faculty to explore. While many works can be seen on the collection area of this website, more than 80 percent can be accessed on Artstor, a digital image resource intended for education and research. Students can access Artstor for object research, inspiration for an independent study, to find objects for an exhibition proposal, and much more. Students interesting in viewing objects in the museum should contact Nora Riccio, Collections Registrar, at or 518-580-5547.

Student Curated

As part of a class or independent study, students can work with Tang curators to propose an exhibition. Interested?
Find out how to curate an exhibition at the Tang
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Student interview with Hannah Traore ’17
Artist Hassan Hajjaj was interviewed by Hannah Traore with Ian Berry about his work in Africa Pop Studio.
Student interview with Daniel Li ‘16
Daniel Li ‘16 talks about his work at the Tang organizing a hip-hop dance event.
Performance of Moving Pictures
On November 7, 2013, student musicians and dancers were invited to use Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson’s exhibit at the Tang as inspiration for collaborative, improvised works of music and dance. This is what they came up with.
Student interview with Joe Klockowski ‘14
Studio art major, Joe Klockowski ‘14 talks about his experience designing the award winning Classless Society exhibition website as a student employee at the Tang Museum.
The Tang Teaching Museum staff takes great pride in guiding students toward exceptional, real-world experiences in how a museum operates, while students contribute to the Tang’s vitality by sharing their ideas and responses. In that back and forth, we work in concert, from the conceptual to the practical, from the day-to-day to the strategic.
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