Staff Contacts

Portrait of Ian Berry standing by a window and looking at the camera
Ian Berry
Dayton Director, Professor of Liberal Arts
Kaitlyn burch dsc05762
Kaitlyn Burch
Tang Guide
Olivia camissa frost 2020
Olivia Cammisa-Frost
Special Events and Publications Manager
Star herrera dsc05832
Star Herrera
Tang Guide
Michael Janairo
Manager of Communications and Strategic Initiatives
Kara Jefts standing in a white hallway light with dappled sunlight
Kara Jefts
Collections Registrar
Elizabeth Karp stands in front of an artwork with multiple pieces mounted on a white wall
Elizabeth Karp
Senior Museum Registrar
Annelise Kelly
Online Content Coordinator
Eric kuhl
Eric Kuhl
Head of Installations
Rebecca McNamara
Associate Curator
Sunny ra 2020
Sunny Ra
The Laurie M. Tisch Educator for K-12 and Community Programs
Kelsey renko
Kelsey Renko
Student Art Loan Program Coordinator
Rachel Seligman
Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs and Malloy Curator
Patti Sopp
Manager of Finance and Planning
Jean Tschanz-Egger
Head of Design
kelly ward
Assistant to the Director
Tom Yoshikami
Assistant Director for Engagement
Cynthia Zellner
Building Manager
Student Employees
A smiling young, white woman with blond hair stands outside.
Alice Barrett
Student Advisory Council
Heidi birch
Heidi Birch
Design Intern, past: Gallery Monitor Associate
A light skinned man with dark hair stands smiles at the camera. Trees and greenery are visible in the background.
Nathan Bloom
2020-21 Eleanor Linder Winter Endowed Intern, Student Advisory Council, past: Design Assistant, Summer Volunteer
Cassandra bond 2020
Cassandra Bond
Education Intern, Student Advisory Council, past: Tang Guide
Helen branch
Helen Branch
Student Advisory Council
Laura Bussemaker
Education Intern
Roman cohen
Roman Cohen
Student Advisory Council
Alison cottingham
Alison Cottingham
Student Advisory Council, past: Design Intern
Elizabeth Cumbo outside of the Tang, smiling at the camera
Elizabeth Cumbo
Registrarial, Student Advisory Council, past: Tang Guide, Gallery Monitor Associate
Aki davis
Aki Davis
Student Advisory Council
Fatou diop dsc04812
Fatou Diop
Digital Media Intern, past: Tang Guide
Mel douer
Mel Douer
Student Advisory Council
Sasha fishstein
Sasha Fishstein
Student Advisory Council
Leanne garten
Leanne Garten
Student Advisory Council
A smiling, light skinned woman stands smiling at the camera with a building and fall foliage behind her.
Joc Geller
Student Advisory Council
Maya gmach
Maya Gmach
Student Advisory Council
Lilian Harvey
Student Advisory Council, past: Tang Guide, Gallery Monitor Associate
Sylas hebert
Sylas Hebert
Curatorial Intern
Elizabeth Hogan
Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council
Malchijah Hoskins stands in the atrium, smiling at the camera
Malchijah Hoskins
Student Advisory Council
A smiling young, white woman with brown hair stands outside.
Claudia Johnson Stone
Student Advisory Council
Graham kelley
Graham Kelley
Student Advisory Council
Eve kreshtool
Eve Kreshtool
Student Advisory Council
Kibibi Kwakye Davis
Tang Guide
Evan Little standing in the museum's atrium, smiling at the camera
Evan Little
2020-21 Charina Endowment Fund Intern, Student Advisory Council, past: Gallery Monitor Associate
Liliana Mastroianni
Tang Guide
Paige Meade stands in the atrium and smiles at the camera
Paige Meade
Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council
Brynnae newman
Brynnae Newman
Curatorial Intern, Student Advisory Council
Josenunez dsc04830
Jose Nunez
Student Advisory Council, past: Tang Guide
Jane O'Reilly
Student Advisory Council
Mark reyes
Mark Reyes
Student Advisory Council
Geraldine santoso web
Geraldine Santoso
2020-21 Carole Marchand Endowed Intern
Will scarlett
Will Scarlett
Tang Guide, Student Advisory Council
Lucy schwartzreich
Lucy Schwartzreich
Student Advisory Council
Paulseggev dsc04816 2
Paul Seggev
Tang Guide
Louise spadoni
Louise Spadoni
Student Advisory Council
Charlotte squire
Charlotte Squire
Public Programming Intern, Student Advisory Council
A young darker skinned woman smiles at the camera with a building and trees in the background.
Maria Staack
2020-21 Meg Reitman Jacobs Endowed Intern, Student Advisory Council, past: Digital Media Assistant, Tang Guide, Summer Volunteer
Lucinda standefer
Lucinda Standefer
Student Advisory Council
Alexandra steve
Alexandra Steve
Tang Guide
Natalie viebrock
Natalie Viebrock
Student Advisory Council
Valeria Visser
Student Advisory Council
Lorelei vsj
Lorelei von Stackelberg Jones
Tang Guide
Madeleine ward schultz
Madeleine Ward-Schultz
Student Advisory Council
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