Hyde Cabinet #24: Boyhood

Hyde Cabinet #24: Boyhood explores transitions and relationships in the lives of boys. Anna Gaskell’s untitled image of two young boys asks us to consider childhood, adolescence, masculinity, and how bonds change and evolve over time.
This earlier work can be seen as a precursor to Gaskell’s later works that brought her wide acclaim: photographs of adolescent girls in dream-like settings that evoke fairy tales, the paranormal, and an air of mystery, including her series wonder (1996–97) and override (1997), both of which take Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as her starting point. Gaskell (b. 1969, Des Moines, Iowa) lives and works in New York City.
Exhibition Name
Hyde Cabinet #24: Boyhood
Exhibition Type
Student Curated
Solo Exhibitions
Hyde Cabinet
Mar 2 - May 12
Hyde Cabinet #24: Boyhood is organized by Andrew Crews ’26.
Anna Gaskell
Student Staff
A young man with short brown hair stands in a large room in front of a staircase while smiling at us.
Andrew Crews
Student Advisory Council
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