Vorágine: Yente and Cecilia Biagini

Vorágine: Yente and Cecilia Biagini brings together modern and contemporary abstract artworks by Yente (1905–1990), a pioneering figure in abstraction from Argentina, and Cecilia Biagini (b. 1967), an artist of Argentine origin based in Brooklyn. The exhibition will present a selection of works by Yente from the 1930s through the 1960s, in which the artist experimented freely with the visual languages of the international avant-gardes by working across mediums, figuration, and abstraction. Biagini’s similarly omnivorous approach to artmaking has led her to embrace installation, sculpture, painting, and music, and how rehearsed improvisation leads to expressive interplay between form and color. Together, the two artists’ works narrate an often-overlooked history of women abstractionists in the Americas. The exhibition’s title comes from Yente’s artist book Vorágine, meaning “whirlwind” in Spanish, and serves as a vivid metaphor for the strong creative force and dynamic nature of Yente and Biagini’s approaches to artmaking.

Yente, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, began exploring abstraction in the late 1930s after meeting Italian-Argentine abstract artist Juan Del Prete, who would later become her husband. In 1945, she was the first woman to have a solo exhibition of abstract paintings in Buenos Aires. Although her artistic career spanned five decades, Yente’s influence on art history has only recently been acknowledged as an important precursor to the more widely known groups of male geometric abstractionists, such as Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención, Madí, and Perceptismo.

Cecilia Biagini, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, began her artistic journey as an actress and photographer. In the late 1990s, she moved to New York after participating in Argentine artist Guillermo Kuitca’s workshop. Since then, she has exhibited her abstract paintings, sculptures, and installations across the US and Argentina.

Exhibition Name
Vorágine: Yente and Cecilia Biagini
Exhibition Type
Group Exhibitions
Winter Gallery
May 30 - Sep 22
Vorágine: Yente and Cecilia Biagini is organized by Ayelen Pagnanelli, Skidmore College class of 2014, an independent curator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cecilia Biagini, Yente
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