Elevator Music 47: Xenometok for Mutualism

Xenometok for Mutualism traces the journey of three sisters who find themselves in a space disconnected from time. There, they grapple with memories of their individual and collective pasts and try to reach a place of equilibrium. This experimental, multimedia artwork explores the tension between attachment to this world and longing for an afterlife. The score combines electronic music, Tibetan relpa drum dance, and experimental vocals, and together with the choreography, invokes the tension that can arise between the traditions of the past, the everchanging present, and countless possible futures.
Xenometok is a transdisciplinary collaboration between artist Valentina Demicheli, activist Paelden Tamnyen, and musician YESH. Xenometok for Mutualism was presented at the festival Mutualism, curated by Lhaga Koondhor, at the Gessnerallee, a Zurich performing arts center, in 2021. The collective’s most recent collaboration, 49 days, is a one-hour multimedia dance-sound-theater piece which expands on the themes developed in Xenometok for Mutualism. 49 days was co-produced and premiered by Gessnerallee, and also presented at Kaserne Basel and at the Arsenic Les Urbaines festival in Lausanne, and will be shown in April 2024 at the Kaaitheater in Brussels.
Exhibition Name
Elevator Music 47: Xenometok for Mutualism
Exhibition Type
Elevator Music Series
Sep 2, 2023 - Jan 14, 2024
Elevator Music 47: Xenometok for Mutualism is organized by Tang Malloy Curator Rachel Seligman with Skidmore Associate Professor of Asian Studies Benjamin Bogin.
Valentina Demicheli, Paelden Tamnyen, YESH
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