Hyde Cabinet #7: The Wall Is Prepared

Sol LeWitt’s process as an artist is similar to the collaborative work of an architect or composer. LeWitt’s instruction-based Wall Drawings involve several stages of creation. After writing meticulous instructions and sketching blueprints, LeWitt relinquishes his drawings’ executions to others, the drafters. This cooperative process is a central element of LeWitt’s Wall Drawings. With this approach, the concept behind the process becomes just as important as the outcome. Without documentation, the preparation and execution of LeWitt’s Wall Drawings is not shared with the viewer. Documentation allows the viewer to see the entirety of a LeWitt Wall Drawing.

Hyde Cabinet #7: The Wall Is Prepared features documentation from the making of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1202 Scribbles: Volumes, as drawn, in 2006, on a wall in the Tang’s Bernhard Atrium. The exhibition reveals the preparation behind LeWitt’s drawing in an attempt to compare process with product. Does displaying the documentation of LeWitt’s conceptual work create a more complete expression or understanding than the drawing on the wall? Does seeing the process behind LeWitt’s drawing change the experience for a viewer?

The Hyde Cabinet, named in honor of Megan Hyde, former Tang Educator for College and Public Programs and Curatorial Assistant (2008–2016), is an exhibition case curated by members of the Tang’s Student Advisory Council.

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Installation view of Sol LeWitt's *Wall Drawing #1202 Scribbles: Volumes*, Bernhard Atrium, Tang Teaching Museum
Installation view of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1202 Scribbles: Volumes, Bernhard Atrium, Tang Teaching Museum
Exhibition Name
Hyde Cabinet #7: The Wall Is Prepared
Exhibition Type
Student Curated
Solo Exhibitions
Hyde Cabinet Online
Apr 21, 2020 - Jun 12, 2020
Hyde Cabinet #7: The Wall Is Prepared is organized by Lila Dittersdorf ’20 and Emily Egan ’20.
Sol LeWitt
Student Staff
Lila Dittersdorf
Registrarial Assistant, Student Advisory Council
Emily Egan
Student Advisory Council
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