Lover Earth
Art and Ecosexuality

Using painting, photography, and a variety of other media, Lover Earth will explore our bodies’ connections to the landscape and encourage us to think critically about the marks we leave on the planet. Lover Earth draws on the ideas of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens, collaborative performance artists who coined the term “ecosexuality” to describe an erotic connection to nature. Challenging the notion of “Mother Earth,” they instead opted for the phrase “Lover Earth,” which denotes a reciprocal relationship between humans and Earth rather than a relationship in which humans depend on the Earth for nourishment without offering anything in return.
This exhibition is the capstone project for Caroline Coxe ’20, the 2019–20 Eleanor Linder Winter ’43 Endowed Intern. The internship is a yearlong opportunity to introduce a student to post-graduate life by providing academic and practical experience in one or more areas of the Tang over the course of the senior year. Coxe spent the fall working in the Engagement department and the spring and summer working in the Curatorial department.
Exhibition Name
Lover Earth
Art and Ecosexuality
Exhibition Type
Student Curated
Group Exhibitions
Winter Gallery
May 30, 2020 - Aug 2, 2020
Lover Earth: Art and Ecosexuality is curated by Caroline Coxe ’20, the 2019–20 Eleanor Linder Winter ’43 Endowed Intern.
Franklin Williams, Paula Wilson
Student Staff
Caroline Coxe stands in front of a metal stairway looking at the camera
Caroline Coxe
2019-20 Eleanor Linder Winter Endowed Intern, Student Advisory Council, past: Education Assistant for College and Public Programs, Gallery Monitor Associate
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