Elevator Music 39: Bug

Elevator Music 39: Bug features the digital application Bug, created by design and technology firm Linked by Air. A bug appears to have little to no effect on the space around you, but if you follow its patterns with your eyes and ears, you may perceive your environment in new and unexpected ways. Bug, the app and installation, likewise encourage exploration.

A coalescing of color and sound, Bug is an investigation in synesthesia, a phenomenon in which one sense creates an involuntary experience with another sense. As stated by Linked by Air, “Bug turns what you see into pure color, and color into music.” This interactive installation invites visitors to wear a lab coat with an attached iPod featuring Bug and point it at abstract color and light designs in the elevator to hear the colors they see. Visitors are encouraged to experiment further by wearing their coats throughout the public spaces of the museum to hear the building, their favorite artwork on view, and more.

In allowing us to hear what we see, Elevator Music 39: Bug offers space for play and provokes appreciation of the everyday in weird, fantastic ways.
Exhibition Name
Elevator Music 39: Bug
Exhibition Type
Elevator Music Series
Jun 29, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
Elevator Music 39: Bug is organized by Rebecca McNamara, Mellon Collections Curator, and Jean Tschanz-Egger, Head of Design, in consultation with Linked by Air.
Linked by Air
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