Your #FlagExchange

You’re invited to join a participatory project inspired by the work of artist Mel Ziegler.

In your daily travels to school or work, or when out on the town, take a picture of U.S. flag iconography and share it with us by using the hashtags #FlagExchange and #TangMuseum on your favorite social media platform.

Your photo will be part of a collection of photos from across the U.S., all of them adding a deeper understanding of America today.

Show us what you see, and we will select the best images and present them on this page.

If you aren’t on social media, we’d be happy to receive #FlagExchange photos via email at with the date, location, and your name.

About Mel Zielger’s Flag Exchange

Mel Ziegler, a conceptual and social interventionist artist, recently completed a multi-year project called Flag Exchange. With a stock of new American flags in his trunk, Ziegler traveled to all 50 states collecting worn American flags, exchanging the old for the new and, in the process, mimicking the actions of a political candidate, arriving, making a connection, and then moving on. Those 50 flags will hang in the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College beginning July 2 as part of an election-year exhibition called A More Perfect Union.

In addition to exchanging flags, Ziegler also snapped photos of U.S. flag iconography — on buildings, trucks, grain silos, and roofs — as he journeyed across America. Inspired by his images, we invite you to add yours to offer a portrait of America and a testament to the iconic power of the Red, White and Blue, and the country for which they stand.

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