Opener 11
Nina Katchadourian: All Forms of Attraction

Nina Katchadourian makes engaging and irreverent artworks that combine investigative practices with a more elusive, poetic logic. Incorporating sculpture, photography, video, and sound, her multilayered projects are propelled by deliberate attempts to observe, scrutinize, order, and disorder her surroundings. All Forms of Attraction, the eleventh in the Tang Museum’s Opener series, collects more than a decade’s worth of Katchadourian’s provocations.

Works on view include meticulously dissected road maps that reimagine our collective geography.

Others artworks witness the artist’s often-meddlesome relationship to the natural world. Projects such as Mended Spiderwebs, Natural Car Alarms, and Artificial Insemination deliberately misunderstand natural phenomena as a way to reconsider the complex relationship between nature and culture. Linguistic systems and coded meanings also rank high among Katchadourian’s fascinations. In Talking Popcorn a machine listens to the pattern of popping corn and uses Morse Code to translate these sounds into written language.
Exhibition Name
Opener 11
Nina Katchadourian: All Forms of Attraction
Exhibition Type
Opener Series
Solo Exhibitions
Malloy Wing
Jun 24, 2006 - Dec 30, 2006
Opener 11 is organized by the Tang Museum’s Susan Rabinowitz Malloy ’45 Curator, Ian Berry, in collaboration with the artist, Nina Katchadourian.
Nina Katchadourian
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