Eduardo Paolozzi: General Dynamic F.U.N.

British Pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi (1924 - 2005) pioneered commercial silkscreen methods for fine art, simultaneously exploiting technology to make art and satirizing the exploitation of images by our technology-driven culture. Curated by Skidmore MALS graduate Michelle Paquette ’08, this exhibition from the Tang Museum collection presents General Dynamic F.U.N., his 1965-70 print series. Paolozzi hijacks familiar icons such as Mr. Peanut, the Chiquita banana, and Cary Grant in drag to create visual biographies of modern life infused with subversive humor.
Astronauts prepare for missions; robots expose their mechanical brains; a hopped-up motorcycle foregrounds the Statue of Liberty—all technological testaments to a 1960s Promised Land. As the novelist J.G. Ballard noted in his introduction to General Dynamic F.U.N., “Here the familiar materials of our everyday lives, the jostling iconographies of mass advertising and consumer goods, are manipulated to reveal their true identities.”
Exhibition Name
Eduardo Paolozzi: General Dynamic F.U.N.
Exhibition Type
Student Curated
Solo Exhibitions
Winter Gallery
May 30, 2009 - Aug 30, 2009
This exhibition is curated by Michelle Paquette, Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies, ‘08, Skidmore College
Eduardo Paolozzi
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