Faculty Voices

Anchor name: Reading And Responding To Exhibitions

Reading & Responding to Exhibitions

Writing in the Tang

English 105: Writing in the Tang

Professor Alison Barnes talks about creating a core structure for her course “Writing in the Tang.” While the curriculum of the course changes every semester to work with the new exhibitions, core methods of engaging with the museum emerge every semester.

Reading Museums

Anthropology 336: Senior Seminar on Reading Museums

Professor Sue Bender talks about the process of curating an exhibit with students. Beginning with an exercise that asked students to map the exhibition A Very Liquid Heaven, this series of assignments led students to curate the exhibition Many Different Heavens in the Winter Gallery.

Creating a “Museum of Dilemmas”

Scribner Seminar: Human Dilemmas

In this first-year seminar, Professor Goodwin directed students in the process of making a “Museum of Dilemmas” inspired by the exhibition Dario Robleto: Alloy of Love.

Molecules that Matter

Chemistry 222L: Organic Chemistry 11 Laboratory

Kara Cetto Bales’s assignment for the Fall 2007 semester asked students in her Organic Chemistry 11 Lab to study and build on the content of the exhibition Molecules that Matter.

Psychology Thesis Project: “A Study of the Effects of Photographs on Memory for Museum Pieces”

Psychology 376H: Senior Thesis Project

Laura Mary Flynn ’09, with guidance from her thesis advisor Mary Ann Foley, completed a collaborative research project exploring the impact the action of taking photographs has on viewers’ memory of works of art.

Environmental Studies

ES100: Environmental Concerns in Perspective

To begin a unit on the impacts of different energy sources in her 100-level environmental studies course, Professor Karen Kellogg gave an assignment based on Environment and Object Recent African Art.

Anchor name: Interpreting Objects

Interpreting Objects & Collections

Archaeological Illustration

AN 201: Introduction to Archaeological Research

In her Archaeological Illustration class, Professor Heather Hurst gave her students an assignment focused on a selection of stone artifacts from the Tang’s permanent collection.

Strategies of Museum Display

Art History 203: Native American Art

Professor Lisa Aronson integrated ideas and exercises from the Mellon Faculty Seminar into a series of assignments she designed for a class trip to the Fenimore Art Museum.

The Role of Material Culture in Historical Studies of the Non-written Past

HI 111: Introduction to Latin American History

Professor Jordana Dym’s assignment directed students to study a pre-Columbian object from the Tang collection without the influence of textual support.

Photographs as Material Objects

AH 321: History of Photography

Professor Mimi Hellman’s art history assignment asked students to study photographs in the Tang collection.

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