Collection Artwork
Noa Eshkol (Degania Alef, Israel, 1924 – 2007, Holon, Israel)
Window to the Night
cotton, cotton lawn, flannelette, twill, cretonne, jersey, percale, piqué, poplin, satin, taffeta, and silk repp with lurex threads, crepe
textile size: 53 x 71 in.
Tang purchase
Inscribed and signed, verso of first textile layer: [illegible] Noa Eshkol

Object Label

Noa Eshkol’s “wall carpets,” such as Window to the Night, are made entirely from found and scavenged fabric scraps, discarded clothing, and garment factory waste—folded, placed, and pieced together but never cut with scissors. They reveal an abstract, emotional world quite unlike the formulaic, precise dance movements and choreography for which the artist is perhaps best known. Eshkol has said of the textiles: “This occupation had at first no explanation and ideology. It began as an entirely personal urge to make something, not something that involved an intellectual decision.”

—Rebecca McNamara, Associate Curator

From the exhibition: Where Words Falter: Art and Empathy (July 9 – December 18, 2022)

Ongoing Research

Research on our collection is ongoing. If you have resources you’d like to share, please contact Associate Curator Rebecca McNamara.
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