Collection Artwork
2012 16 9 pr w01
Anya Kielar (born New York, New York, 1978)
Red Crowd
acrylic on paper
paper size: 96 x 50 in.
Gift of Stefan Simchowitz

Object Label

New York-based artist Anya Kielar creates two- and three-dimensional collages, paintings, and drawings, experimenting with a wide range of techniques and materials that have included dyeing fabric, sand painting, and altering the weave of burlap. Her work shows the influence of a range of interests, including theater, fashion, photography, early modernist style, and ancient art and artifacts. Many of her works explore representations of the female form and play with signifiers of femininity.

In 2008 she began experimenting with spraying pigment over objects, leaving stencil-like outlines of the objects surrounded by a cloud of color to create what she calls a “sprayogram.” These playful, unruly compositions, reminiscent of photographic negatives and photograms, refer back to surrealist collage, and the “Rayograms” of Man Ray.

From the exhibition: One Work (January 25 – June 1, 2014)

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One Work
Anya Kielar on Red Crowd, 2008
Pattern by Jonnea Herman ’18
Inspired by the annual February Tang <3 Students Event
The Tang Pattern Project celebrates the Museum’s 20th anniversary. Organized by Head of Design Jean Tschanz-Egger, past and current Tang Design Interns created patterns inspired by the Museum’s exhibition and event history.