Collection Artwork
Blue, red, and white horizontal stripes printed on paper with words "Assassination," "American," "Violence," "Vietnam," and "Why not" printed in rows within the stripes in red, blue, and white.
Corita Kent (Fort Dodge, Iowa, 1918 – 1986, Boston, Massachusetts)
american sampler
Hambly Studios (Santa Clara, California, established 1959 – 2012)
paper size: 23 x 12 in.
Gift of Harry Hambly, serigrapher, Hambly Studios
printed in Santa Clara, California, United States, North America

Ongoing Research

Research on our collection is ongoing. If you have resources you’d like to share, please contact Associate Curator Rebecca McNamara.

Tang Collective Catalog

In my own printmaking practice, I’ve always found it hard to know how to make text something integral to an image rather than decorative. Kent exemplifies how to make the text the image itself, while carrying your eye down playful avenues of different shapes and meanings. This piece lets us define different meanings in the gaps of information provided with these powerful words, and almost 50 years later it’s still eerily poignant, although maybe now for different reasons.
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