Teaching TRUMP

Skidmore College faculty in discussion during Teaching TRUMP, A More Perfect Union, Tang Teaching Museum, October 26, 2016

Join us for a Skidmore College faculty-led panel discussion exploring Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s place in the classroom. The panelists will address ways that they consider Trump’s candidacy in their classes. Some questions that will be addressed: Why is talking about Trump in class difficult? Why is it important? What can students learn from studying this election?

Panelists include Jennifer Delton, Professor, History; Andrew Lindner, Assistant Professor, Sociology; Christopher Mann, Assistant Professor, Political Science; Pat Oles, Associate Professor, Social Work; and Sheldon Solomon, Professor, Psychology.

This event is part of A More Perfect Union and is organized by the Skidmore College Republicans. Teaching TRUMP is free and open to the public.

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Graphic by Tang Designer Jean Egger
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