Take a Closer Look: The Many Forms of Relationship Abuse

Installation view, TRANSFORMer, Tang Teaching Museum, 2013

An open and honest dialogue to educate and raise awareness about forms of power and control in relationships; designed to empower community members to recognize and help those in need. Presented in collaboration with the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County. Free and open to all; refreshments served.

About the event:

There are many myths surrounding Relationship Abuse - who it affects, how the abuse starts, and what forms it takes. Until we debunk these myths, relationship abuse will continue on its current course - to affect 1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 6 men. The first step in reducing the prevalence of abuse is increased understanding and awareness.

The TRANSFORMer sculpture and event are critical components of breaking down one of these myths by helping us understand the many forms that relationship abuse can take.

About the organization:

At Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County we believe relationships should be safe. No one should be controlled by or afraid of someone they love. To that end, we work with communities to become intolerant of relationship and sexual abuse. To that end, we can help someone escape abuse and re-start their life.

We invite everyone to help us in our mission by helping each other. To do that every one needs to understand the many forms of abuse and their warning signs, and have the courage to open a conversation with someone in need and even with someone who is abusive.

For more information about Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County, visit http://www.dvrcsaratoga.org/.

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