Tang Party 2023

People stand or navigate a web of string that is strung between spotlit trees outside of the Tang at night.
Tang Party 2022, Tang Teaching Museum, May 4, 2022, photo by Cindy Schultz

Join us Friday, April 28, from 8-11 pm, for the annual Tang Party, a celebration of the funkiest and most innovative student creativity at Skidmore. Students from across disciplines create immersive and interactive installations, and put on performances on the grounds surrounding the Tang.

Presenting Artists:
Tori Adams ’24
Z Allard ’23
Cori Brothers ’25
Olive Collinson ’25
Sameena Danziger ’23
Fatou Diop ’23
Sasha Fishstein ’23
Bella Friedman ’23
Renée Fritschel ’25
Siyu Gao ’26
Jai Gil ’23
Maddie Goewey ’24
Ellis Hills ’23
Chelsea Knoll ’24
Eve Kreshtool ’23
Kian Mehran-Lodge ’25
Tess Miller ’25
Elise Milner ’25
Anesu Mukombiwa ’24
Brenna O’Brien ’25
Micah Pflaum ’23
Joel Puma ’23
Maitreya Ravenstar ’25
Gillian Ross ’24
Marley Schmidt ’23
Lucy Schwartzreich ’23
Mia Townsend ’24

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