Handmade Pop-up Shop

Different prints by students on a table for sale at the 2018 Handmade Pop-up.
Handmade Pop-up, Tang Teaching Museum, April 28, photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk

The Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative & Tang Teaching Museum present Handmade Pop-Up!

Join Skidmore’s Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative Friday, April 28, from 11 am to 4 pm at the Tang Teaching Museum for their 8th Annual Handmade Pop-up, featuring Skidmore College’s talented, emerging artists from the Marketplace For Artists class. Buy some original art and handmade items including prints, paintings, photos, ceramics, and more! Free and open to the public.

The Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative would like to thank Entrepreneurial Artist In Residence Colleen Craven ’17, for her student mentorship, and the Tang Teaching Museum for their partnership on this event.

The Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative at Skidmore College aims to provide studio art students with the business skills needed to build a successful career around their passion for art making. This is accomplished through course curriculum, workshops, and experiences in the field. Connecting students with entrepreneurial arts alumni, as well as arts and business professionals in the community, is an integral component of the program. The initiative is a part of Skidmore’s Arts Administration Program and was created and developed by Molly Haley ‘64. The program is supported by Molly and her husband, Ed Freitag.

Participating Students
Alice Barrett ’23 Rowan DeWitt ’25
Naomi Epstein ’24
Sasha Fishstein ’23
Blair Goldstein ’25
Richie Hao ’23
Katherine Knight ’23
Chelsea Knoll ’24
Alper Kulturel ’23
Frank Lanzante ’23
Ezra Merleaux ’25
Ami Morrison ’23
Brenna O'Brien ’25
Adam Schnitzer ’24
Lucy Schwartzreich ’23
Sophie Smith ’23

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