2022 Tang Holiday Bazaar

A student sits behind a table selling wares to masked students standing on the other side of the table.
Tang Holiday Bazaar, Tang Teaching Museum, December 10, 2021, photo by Sarah Condon-Meyers

The Tang Student Advisory Council invites you to the annual Tang Holiday Bazaar on Friday, December 9, from 3:30-6 pm. Over sixty Skidmore students will be selling a variety of wares, including art, jewelry, clothing, pottery, and more!

Student artists and vendors include:

Tori Adams ’24
Sana Arif ’26
Alice Barrett ’23
Olivia Berenson ’24
Anna Brooks ’25
Cecily Carter ’25
Will Carter ’23
Hannah Christensen ’26
El Copelotti ’25
Lucy Daigle ’25
Aki Davis ’23
Sophie Deal ’25
Amanda Denney ’26
Callie Derechin ’24
Rowan DeWitt ’25
Paulina Dunn ’25
Naomi Epstein ’24
Sasha Fishstein ’23
Chiara Garcia-Ugarte ’25
Carlee Gilbert ’24
Blair Goldstein ’25
Anna Goodwin ’24
Cara Granata ’23
Maya Graziani ’25
Elina Grooman ’26
Beck Hagopian ’24
Isabella Harelick ’26
Sophia Harper ’23
Piper Ingels ’24
Lindsay Jacobs ’26
Annabel Judy ’25
Jules Katz ’25
Eve Kreshtool ’23
Karen Kwok ’23
Kevin Langyintuo ’24
Francesco Lanzante ’23
Eli Leary ’24
Jasmine Leong ’23
Iris Lu ’25
Dinah Luomanen ’25
Ezra Merleaux ’25
Ida Mihok ’24
Zoe Miller ’26
Carly Milliken ’25
PJ Moller ’24
Tommy Myhill ’24
Brenna O'Brien ’25
Calen Olegnowicz ’23
Stella Piasecki ’23
Gillian Ross ’25
Kylie Rowan ’23
Milo Schair-Rigoletti ’23
Lucy Schwartzreich ’23
Cara Sherr-Messing ’23
Rachel Silverman ’26
Madison Situ ’26
Erys Smith ’25
Lou Spadoni ’24
Frankie Stolcke ’24
Aidan Sullivan ’23
Emme Tissue ’23
Mia Townsend ’24
Ava Wood ’24
Narelle Zhao ’24

The Tang Student Advisory Council serves as an important voice for the Skidmore student body within the Tang Teaching Museum. The volunteer council members meet biweekly and take on a leadership role within the museum, advising staff on student engagement and organizing programs.

Pattern by Erin Barry ’16
Inspired by the exhibition The Jewel Thief
The Tang Pattern Project celebrates the Museum’s 20th anniversary. Organized by Head of Design Jean Tschanz-Egger, past and current Tang Design Interns created patterns inspired by the Museum’s exhibition and event history.