Dunkerley Dialogue: Fred Tomaselli

Artist Fred Tomaselli and Curator Ian Berry at the Dunkerley Dialogue, Tang Teaching Museum, February 6, 2010

Ever the idiosyncratic collector, artist Fred Tomaselli amasses actual pills and plants along with a range of images — among them flowers, birds, and anatomical illustrations — carefully cut from books and magazines. Pulling from this visual archive, Tomaselli creates baroque paintings that combine unusual materials and paint under layers of clear epoxy resin. He collages these materials into multilayered combinations of the real, the photographic, and the painterly. Drawing upon a range of art historical sources from Renaissance frescoes to 1960s Minimalism, and eastern and western decorative traditions such as quilts and mosaics, Tomaselli’s paintings explode in mesmerizing patterns that appear to grow organically across his compositions. These handmade scenes reveal both troubling and enlightening details of our world.

Dunkerley Dialogues are generously funded by Michele Dunkerley ’80.

Dunkerley Dialogue: Fred Tomaselli
Artist Fred Tomaselli talks about 20 years of artwork with Tang Curator Ian Berry.
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