Weaving Codes with Soft Monitor

A student's hands are visible as they start weaving with blue yarn on a small, hand-held loom.
Weaving Codes with Soft Monitor, Tang Teaching Museum, April 19, 2022, photo by Shawn LaChapelle

Join us on Tuesday, April 19, at 6 pm, for a weaving workshop with exhibiting artists Victoria Manganiello ’12 and Julian Goldman of Soft Monitor. Together, we will learn the basics of weaving and consider ways of embedding messages into our cloth using ASCII character codes. Additionally, we will discuss historical and contemporary precedents of textiles that utilize codes and messaging including c o m p u t e r 1.0.

All materials will be provided and no prior experience in weaving or coding needed!

About Soft Monitor

Soft Monitor is an art and design collective focused on telling stories of materials, technology, and culture through physical experience. Collaboration, both between people, materials, and information, drives our practice to make experiential objects that viewers can use to participate in dialogue with others as well as reflect on their own lives. Founded in 2017 by Victoria Manganiello and Julian Goldman, Soft Monitor’s recent projects include participation at the Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival (New York City), Currents New Media Festival (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (Indiana), and the Museum of Arts and Design (New York City). Julian is an award-winning industrial designer focused on cutting-edge bio-materials, sustainable design, and computer-aided making for varied product-directed companies. Victoria is an award-winning textile artist and professor (adjunct appointments at New York University and Parsons); her work, focusing on the intersections between textiles, ritual, gender, and technology has been presented around the world. She is a 2012 graduate of Skidmore College.

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