FLEX Gallery Talk and Reception

A comic book ad by Charles Atlas features a strong man holding a skinny looking cartoon man in his right hand and a stronger version of that cartoon man in his left hand. Text at the top of the page reads Yes! I Turn Weaklings info HE-MEN! Multiple paragraphs of text surround the bottom of the figure
Advertisement for Charles Atlas Muscle Building Program, 1946, ink on paper, 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ inches, private collection

Join us on Saturday, February 22, at 4:00 PM, for a gallery talk in FLEX with co-curators Dan Curley, Associate Professor of Classics, and Gregory Spinner, Teaching Professor in Religious Studies. FLEX considers intersections of muscular physiques and heroic images, how they represent changing notions of bravery, beauty, and health. A reception will follow.

This event is free and open to the public.

About the Curators

Dan Curley is Associate Professor of Classics at Skidmore. His teaching and research interests include Latin poetry, ancient dramaturgy, classical mythology, the ancient world on screen, and (with Gregory Spinner) the city of Rome. He has written articles and essays on classical motifs in modern media, and he is the Vice President of Antiquity in Media Studies (AIMS), an interdisciplinary organization of teacher-scholars dedicated to the discipline of classical reception. Curley is the author of Tragedy in Ovid: Theater, Metatheater, and the Transformation of a Genre (Cambridge University Press, 2013). His current project is Screening Classical Myth, a critical guide for teaching mythology in screen media (under contract with Wiley-Blackwell). He has also written a book of poems, Conditional Future Perfect (Wolfson Press, 2019).

Gregory Spinner is a Teaching Professor in Religious Studies at Skidmore. Trained in the History of Religions at the University of Chicago, he teaches a wide array of courses including the comparative study of myth and of body modification, topics that encouraged him to investigate heroic physiques and the sociology of muscle. Additionally, Spinner collaborates with Dan Curley on travel seminars exploring the history of Rome. With FLEX, Spinner’s professional interests extend to the consideration of how categories associated with religion, such as “myth” or “ritual,” might apply to secular activities or entertainments. He has participated in several Mellon Faculty Seminars on museum-based pedagogy, and previously helped to curate the exhibitions Graphic Jews and Sixfold Symmetry at the Tang.

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